All proceeds from this event go to our Rotary Charity for distribution to local Charities & Voluntary Organisations
Our on-line ticketing is working well so you’ll appreciate that we will continue with the same winning formula again this year! You will book online and pay via Paypal.  Paypal provide their service to us at a discounted Charity rate which helps us keep the overheads of the event down to a manageable level The booking form is accessed by clicking on any of the shopping carts, it is used to collect the information and will automatically issue you with an ETicket as you finalise your payment. It was created in JotForm and again is a heavily subsidised service, in this case I pay for it myself! The whole point of this event is to have a bit of fun, enjoy a good drink with friends in a great location and most importantly raise money for charity. The Rotary Club take none of the money we raise from this for ourselves and as you can see we strive to keep our expenses to an absolute minimum.  All being well ‘we’ expect to raise more than £20,000 again this year and by ‘we’ we do include you of course. So don’t be shy or feel guilty when you buy another drink - it really is for a very good cause - our community!
ONLINE BOOKINGS NOW CLOSED! Tickets available at the gate