This   beer   festival   will   feature   live   bands   and   some   great   authentic German   food,   as   well   as   the   real   star   of   the   show   -   many   different Real   Ales   (some   local),   Ciders   and   Continental   Biers.      All   proceeds   go to our Rotary Charity to support local  charitable causes.    The event will run each evening from 6pm.        Don’t miss it!
All proceeds from this event go to our Rotary Charity for distribution to local Charities & Voluntary Organisations
Please drink sensibly
The regular price £12  reduced to £10 for online sales until the 17th Sept or when we have reached our capacity at the quayside. At nearly 20% OFF they won’t last long. 
YOU MUST BE TO ATTEND. ID will be requested should you be fortunate enough to look under 25 and wish to purchase alcoholic drinks.  *
6pm - 12am Fri - Sat 6pm - 11pm Thursday
Live Bands
Firkins of Real Ales Kegs   of Continental Biers   Selection of Beer, Ciders & Wines
Barbecued Marinated St eaks  and Westfalishe
Bratwurst and Currywurst  , Frikadelen also Veg. opt ion, possibly a falafel, in a wrap with a simple shredded cabbage salad yoghurt & chilli sauce.
Thursday  21st September  6pm-11pm
Friday  22nd September  6pm-11pm
Saturday  23rd September  6pm-12pm
The Rankines Still Standing Still : Cosmic Fish Jive Candy
Kirsty MacFarlane : Rhona MacFarlane Captain Jack : Sunstorm Jack Rabbit Slims : Tonka
Demi McMahon : The Mnemonics Pretty Shameless Sergeant Major  : Broon Troot Orchestra
The Rotary Club of Dundee is delighted to present Dundee's seventh Oktoberfest to be held in the atmospheric venue of the Discovery Quay on Dundee’s Waterfront.    
Thurs 21st Sept - Sat 23th Sept 2017
Main Sponsor
Please understand that the lineup of the bands can change at any time for a variety of reasons, we will make every effort to keep this page on the website accurate.
OVER 18!
STOP PRESS:  Each evening will see a Raffle for Tickets to one of the Autumn Test games at Murrayfield WINNERS: Bruce Ower - Thu - 18th Nov - All-Blacks Kick-off 5:15pm Iain MacPherson - Sat 25th Nov - Australia Kick-off 2:30pm